For anyone who wants to (or have to) work while on vacation.

We would like to encourage the arrival of freelancers and anyone who can afford to work remotely. Family coming to us is a super idea too. Mommy will work for a minute, a second dad, and the kids will play with us! We organize daily animations, so we are able to fill the youngest day.

Why worth it?

Explore the advantages of coworking
  • Because you're in a beautiful place, changing urban surroundings and cutting yourself off from everyday life
  • because there's where to relax. A sauna or a ball session sounds like relaxing too, doesn't it?
  • Because there are plenty of attractions around: windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, sup, bikes, beach... and that's not all!
  • Because you will be richer with new acquaintances - mega company in a climate of many industries

How much does it cost?

Access to the office is absolutely free of charge as part of your stay at our resort
Customers using our restaurant offer - also free of charge

Access to the office

Completely free of charge in our resort and for customers using the restaurant offer

Convenient working conditions

Air-conditioned office, comfortable armchairs, pouffes, hammocks, coffee drinks:)

Fast, stable internet

fiber optic - up to 500 Mbps
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May Weekend

26.04 - 05.05

-15% OFFspring

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Surf inclusive holidays

21.06 - 01.09
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Summer full of attractions

21.06 - 03.09

Femi Surf Camp

5 dates available

Air-conditioned office

Comfortable armchairs, pouffes, hammocks

Breakfast and lunches in our restaurant

Coffee and drinks:)

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Pod Cyprysami

Mickiewicza 164
84-140 Jastarnia

1.2h, 80km
4.5h, 380km
5h, 420km
Ruciane Park
Ustronie Morskie
Ustronie Park
3h, 245km