Seasonal plots
Seasonal plots 2020
Price – 8000 PLN / season

Booking priority will be given to those who have occupied the place during the 2019 season. However, we oblige residents from season 2019 to apply by 01.02.2020. At a later date of application, we do not guarantee the maintenance of the plot. The order of reservation of a free seasonal plot is determined by the order in which the reservation is made.

How to book?
  1. Send „Pre-booking request” to 
  2. You will receive a “Booking Confirmation” and will be asked to make an advance payment of 40% of the seasonal plot fee for 2020. Payment deadline – 7 days from the date of receipt of reservation confirmation.
  3. Upon receipt of the transfer, you will receive a “Contract Confirmation”.
  4. Make the payment of the remaining fee within the deadline of 10.04.2020r 
  5. Account number: Go4Sport Sp. z o.o. Orkana 8c/46, 40-553 Katowice,  93 1050 1012 1000 0090 3175 1283 ING Bank Śląski

Booking procedure
  1. Failure to make an advance payment within the specified deadlines results in cancellation of the reservation.
  2. Failure to pay the remaining amount within the specified deadlines will result in resignation from the concluded contract.
  3. The proof and date of payment is its receipt of the contractual amount on the bank account of Go4Sport.
  4. The final document for the reservation of a seasonal plot, binding on both parties, is the “Contract confirmation”.
  5. Making a payment is tantamount to accepting the “Seasonal plot 2020 regulations” and the “Regulations of the Camping Pod Cyprysami”.
  6. Either party may withdraw from the contract without giving reasons until 31.03.2020. The deposit is then refundable at 50%.
  7. In case of cancellation of the seasonal plot by the customer by 30.04.2020 the deposit is refundable in the amount of 50%.
  8. After 01.05.2020 the fee for the unused period is not refundable.
  9. The advance referred to in point 5 shall be repaid within 15.04.2020 and the advance from point 10.05.2020.
Seasonal plots regulations
  1. The summer season 2020 is calculated from 30.04.2020 to 30.09.2020.
  2. The paid seasonal plot fee shall include:
  • designated place for a caravan with a vestibule,
  • setting up one caravan with a vestibule on the place,
  • storing your own tourist and surfing equipment at the plot,
  • entry card for one car,
  • use of all the services and facilities provided at the campsite,
  • three adults and their children or four adults may stay at a seasonal campsite plot at a time. If there are more people, their stay should be paid for according to the price list,
  • one dog’s stay.

3. The paid seasonal plot fee shall not include:

  • additional vehicle stay (car, motorcycle)
  • additional people who will be staying on the campsite and in the caravan
  • electricity – each trailer shall be assigned an electrical outlet with an individual electricity meter. On 31.07.2020 and 28.09.2020 the invoices will be issued by Go4Sport Sp. z o.o. based on the meter indication. The amount for the electricity consumed will be calculated according to the same rules as Energa S. A. applies to Go4Sport Sp. z o.o.
  • tents, canopies and other awnings
  • boats, jetskis or other water equipment and their trailers
  • another dog stay
  • tourist tax (2,20 PLN per person per day)

4. Stay:

  • all persons staying at the campsite are subject to residence registration and tourist taxes (2,20 PLN per person per day)
  • It is allowed to sublet the caravan for a period not exceeding a total of six weeks in the season. Each time the sublet must be reported to the reception and a local fee must be paid for all persons staying on the campsite during this period.

5. Cars:

  • the campsite has a limited number of parking spots, so the use of it by the owners of seasonal plots is subject to a number of rules and restrictions:
  • entry card:
    • issued as a seasonal plot resident entitles the holder to enter and park one vehicle on the camp site
    • entry cards are issued only to owners or persons authorised by them who are currently staying at a given place on a seasonal plot – authorizations must be sent by e-mail
    • entry cards may not be ceded – this means that the parking space of the owner who is absent at the seasonal plot as well as of the owner staying in his place, but without the car cannot be transferred to a third party (e.g. neighbour)
    • as a part of the seasonal plot, only one car may stay at the campsite (another car will be charged a daily fee according to the price list). Each subsequent vehicle arriving at the seasonal plot will be treated as an additional vehicle entering the “Paid Parking”; and will be admitted as the vacant spaces are available.

6. Plot: 

  • It is forbidden to pitch tents on the premises of the seasonal plots.
  • For reasons of fire safety, it is forbidden to block passageways and fence seasonal plots with flammable fences of height above 1,2m.
  • Caravans must be positioned within the boundaries of designated parcels.
  • At the end of the season, the seasonal parcel should be restored to its original state.
  • All pits and trenches created during the digging of caravans and vestibules must be levelled out and rubbish sorted and disposed of in containers.

Caravans left on the plot after the contractual date will be charged 150 PLN per day, unless the Customer chooses to winter the caravan.

  • Seasonal plots may not be ceded.
  • Seasonal plots shall be concluded for each year separately. The Camping Directorate, at its discretion, can freely dispose of seasonal plots each year.
  • Seasonal plot booking by persons occupying a place in the previous year is a privilege, not a right. Failure to allocate a place occupied in previous years may not give rise to any claims.
  • All persons using a seasonal plot are bound by the “Regulations of Camping Pod Cyprysami”; other issues are regulated by the “Seasonal plots 2020 regulations”.
  • It is forbidden to run any commercial or profit-making business on the premises of Camping Pod Cyprysami without the consent of the Campsite owner.
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